Class descriptions:

Hapkido is ‘The complete Art of Self Defense’ and the ‘Original Mixed Martial Art’ combining elements of Taekwondo, Karate ,Jujitsu , Aikido and Kung Fu (Suitable for Men, Women and Teenagers )

Taekwondo- The Art of Hand and Foot Self Defense and Olympic sport. (Suitable for kids up to 12)

Defense Fit is a Fun 30 minute pad workout to Music to get you in great shape and then 15 minutes of  self defense techniques  to make you feel safer and more Empowered.

Class prices for small group lessons of maximum 10 students per class ensuring personal attention and correction of techniques. DEFENSE FIT $20 per casual class or advance payment discount $180 for 10 classes. Hapkido Karate : $30 per casual class or advanced payment of $250 for 10 lessons .private lessons with world self defense champion John Gill $300 per hour at Beverly hills Karate Academy or instructor to you $500 per hour

Monday-Thursday Schedule

  • 11-1145am – Women’s Defense Fit
  • 12-1245pm – Adult’s Defense Fit
  • 7-745pm – Mixed Defense Fit
  • 745-9pm – Hapkido Karate – Mixed

For expressions of interest and bookings email or phone/ text 424 362 6709