Westminster Class Schedule

Class descriptions:

Hapkido is ‘The complete Art of Self Defense’ and the ‘Original Mixed Martial Art’ combining elements of Taekwondo, Karate ,Jujitsu , Aikido and Kung Fu (Suitable for Men, Women and Teenagers )

Taekwondo- The Art of Hand and Foot Self Defense and Olympic sport. (Suitable for kids up to 12)

Kenpo Karate is a Street self defense system from Asian Kempo  and American Master Ed Parker modified it as an American system of Martial Arts and re named it Kenpo also made famous by one of his best students Jeff Speakman star of 10 movies including ‘The Perfect Weapon’ (Suitable for Men, Women and Teenagers )

Jeet June Do is the original fighting system of Bruce Lee combining the most effective system from aspects of Chinese Boxing and kicking. (Suitable for Men, Women and Teenagers)

BJJ and MMA for competitors are incorporated into all our Arts and also available in private lessons.

Taikido is Master John Gill’s Self Defense system for the Seniors (over 50 yrs Age)  and for the disabled of any age.

Defense Fit is a Fun 30 minute pad workout to Music to get you in great shape and then 15 minutes of  self defense techniques  to make you feel safer and more Empowered.

Westminster Orange County California Group class schedule:
Private lessons by appointment

Email here (admin@laschoolofselfdefense.com) or phone/text 424 335 1689

Email here ( admin@laschoolofselfdefense.com) or phone/text 424 335 1689 for your FREE Trial lesson or 4 week beginners self defense course for only $39